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Garden Court Chambers, now located at 57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, has come a long way from its origins in 1974 when six barristers just out of pupillage set up, with the help of a loan, in three rooms in Lincoln’s Inn.

At the time, their aspirations were regarded as revolutionary if not subversive.

They had clear goals in mind:

  • to provide socially useful legal services, supporting and complementing law centres
  • to work in an environment that was democratic with a balance of sexes and races
  • to train pupils and pay them
  • to argue cases that made a difference; in particular, to engage in the struggle for human rights (at a time when the term was regarded with nothing less than ridicule) and for sexual and racial justice. If necessary, working for no reward.

Such ambitions, they realised, could only be achieved by setting up a new set of their own. Three of the founders are still members of Chambers today.

Over the years as Chambers expanded we’ve been in different locations: first to Farrar’s Building in the Inner Temple, then to Garden Court with annexes at Devereux Court. In 2005, we relocated to Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

The aspirations of our founders still remain integral to Chambers

Through thick and thin the commitment of the members of Chambers and staff has not wavered. Much of the founders original vision has been achieved. Some of our innovations have been accepted by the Bar in general and some have even become compulsory.

Our casework has substantially contributed to the progress of the law and to social progress. In the reported cases, across all our areas of practice, counsel from Garden Court Chambers have argued in the defence of the rights of accused and in furtherance of the rights of individuals against the state in landmark decisions. Our stance is often bold and inventive and, in the end, successful.

Our belief in our motto Recte faciendo neminem timens (Do right, fear no-one!), our commitment to principle and to the quality of our client service remains as strong as ever.