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Amanda Meusz

  • Call: 1986
Amanda Meusz


Amanda has always been interested in the rights of children in the context of legal proceedings and in the wider society. Her practice relates to all areas of the law relating to children, including the provision of services to children, and young people. She has extensive knowledge and experience in public law matters and acts for local authorities, parents/ carers children and their guardians Amanda has experience in cases involving:

  • Infant death or near death of children
  • Serious physical abuse of children, including head injury
  • Extensive history of emotional abuse and neglect
  • Factitious illness abuse, and parents with factitious illness
  • Sexual abuse / incest including representing children and young people who are both victim and abuser
  • Paedophile rings and organised sexual abuse
  • Child pornography and the cases involving the downloading of child pornography
  • Allegations of satanic abuse and witchcraft
  • Medical treatment of children, and cases where children suffer from complex medical conditions, neurodevelopment conditions and disabilities
  • Surrogacy and adoption/ placement
  • Anorexic mothers
  • Teenage mothers
  • Parents with learning disabilities and mental health problems
  • Concurrent criminal proceedings PII and disclosure issues
  • Forced marriage, honour killing and female genital mutilation

Amanda especially enjoys working on cases where there is complex conflicting medical evidence opinion. She is known for her ability to master thousands of pages of medical notes and understand medical issues. Cases have involved science, diagnosis and treatment at the cutting edge of medicine. Most recently Amanda was instructed in a case involving the near death of a child through salt poisoning.

Amanda also has experience in all matters relating to:

  • Adoption
  • International Adoptions
  • Leave to Remove from the Jurisdiction

Other relevant background

Amanda has taught land law and the law of trusts.

At the end of 2005 Amanda returned to the Bar and to Garden Court following a period of time as a full time mother. During this time she was appointed as Company Secretary and trustee of a Kent based children’s charity providing services to children and families in an area of considerable social deprivation. The charity also worked with teenage mothers and refugee families and their children.

Immediately prior to her return to the Bar Amanda worked as a childcare lawyer for a local authority. This experience has given her invaluable insight in the workings not only of a local authority but also to the work of a solicitor.

Amanda is married with three children. She divides her time between London and Kent.