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Garden Court Chambers has always been driven by our strong ethics and a passionate belief in human rights and social justice. Since our foundation in 1974, these principles have underlined all aspects of the work that Garden Court members do. Garden Court is renowned for its expertise in advancing the law on civil liberties, human rights and social justice.

We have been involved in many landmark cases and decisions, particularly in crime, immigration, claims against the police and public authorities and inquests. We have a long-standing reputation for taking on cutting-edge, claimant public law cases and our multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to take on the most innovative cases and contribute to developments in the law.

We currently have nearly 200 tenants working in and across a variety of practice areas including criminal defence, family law, housing, immigration and public law. Find out more about our practice areas.

Important Dates For 2018-2019 Pupillage Recruitment Year

01 December 2018 – Garden Court Chambers Pupillage Open Day
The Open Day will include talks from members of chambers, including some tenants who undertook their pupillage here, on:

  • Applying for pupillage
  • Pupillage structure and support
  • The tenancy decision
  • Life as a junior tenant at Garden Court

Prospective pupils will have the opportunity to meet members of chambers and the support staff in an informal environment and ask any questions they may have about pupillage and practice at Garden Court Chambers.

Where? Garden Court Chambers, 57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ
When? 10am – 12pm, Saturday 01 December 2018

No booking necessary. 

8 January 2019 – Pupillage Gateway submissions window opens. You can now start submitting your applications for pupillage. We will not have access to your applications until the window closes.

7 February 2019 – Pupillage Gateway closes. Garden Court Chambers will now begin the shortlisting process. Applicants will be notified and updated only through the Pupillage Gateway portal. We aim to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by 6pm on Thursday 22 March 2018.

6 April 2019 – First Round Pupillage Interviews

20 April 2019 – Second Round Pupillage Interviews

2 May 2019 – Offers will be sent out after 9am


We offer four 12-month pupillages per year. Our pupillages are highly structured with relevant in-house training sessions running throughout the year. Your training will include sessions on specific drafting skills, bail applications, judicial review and trial advocacy, to name a few.

Pupillage is divided into two parts; six months as a non-practicing pupil, and six months as a practicing pupil.

We aim to provide our pupils with as much opportunity as possible to observe different areas of law in practice. Therefore, you will have three supervisors from three different areas of law during your pupillage.

First six months

Your first six months will be divided between your ‘first six’ supervisor, who you will be working with for four months, and your satellite supervisor, who will supervise you for the final two months of your first six months.

You will also be encouraged to shadow other barristers to experience a range of practicing styles. This will include shadowing a junior criminal law practitioner to prepare you for when you are ‘on your feet’ during your ‘second six’.

Second six months

In your second six months you will have a different supervisor, usually a criminal practitioner, and most of your time will be spent in court. Most of the time you will be doing your own cases, but you will also be expected to cover work for other barristers.

You will meet regularly with your supervisors to discuss your progress.

Throughout your pupillage the Operations Manager will be your main point of contact and will meet with you regularly to ensure that your pupillage is running smoothly. You will also be assigned a ‘buddy’; a junior practitioner who also did pupillage at Garden Court Chambers and who will be available to you for support.

Pupillage award

The pupillage award at Garden Court Chambers is £35,000. This is divided into £29,000 during your first six months, and £6,000 as guaranteed earnings in your second six months.

Pupils will receive an annual zone 1-6 London Travelcard and will be reimbursed for additional travelling expenses where appropriate.


During your pupillage, your supervisors will produce feedback on the period of the time during which they supervised you. They will also seek comments from other tenants you produced work for. You will be asked to undertake two written assessments; one civil assessment and one criminal assessment.

In addition, you will also be asked to submit three different written pieces of work produced during your pupillage, from at least two different areas of law. Finally, there will be an interview and an advocacy exercise.


All pupils who reach the quality standard required by Garden Court Chambers will be offered tenancy, regardless of the area of law they wish to practice in.

For more information on pupillages at Garden Court Chambers, please see our Pupillage Guide or contact Saleh Ahmed on